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My research involves studying sexual assault and rape culture, so there are a lot of posts relating to that here. They will be tagged as appropriate (tw rape, tw sexual assault, rape culture, etc.) but just fair warning.


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Step 1) AW YEAH this short hair is awesome! I’m so glad I cut it— my head feels so light and I’ma save so much money on shampoo and I hardly have to do anything to it. BEST DECISION EVER.

Step 2) Ugh, I have to get my hair cut so often in order to keep it looking at all decent. This sucks.

Step 3) You know, I could let it go a little longer between haircuts. That wouldn’t be SO bad.

Step 4) Hair. Hair in my eyes. Hair in my eyes all the time but it’s too short to pull back. Worst. Thing. Ever.

Step 5) Do you know what I miss? Braids. Braids are so pretty. English braids, French braids, Dutch braids… I want ALL THE BRAIDS.

Step 6) You know what, screw the fact that having long hair makes me look like I’m 12. People think I’m only 15 when I have short hair. That’s not THAT big of a difference. Maybe I can get into movies cheap. And I can get kids meals! Yeah, I’m totally gonna grow my hair out.

Step 7) Hell yeah! I can put my hair in Double Dutch braids! SCORE! This was the best plan ever!

Step 8) Ugh, why can I never find a ponytail holder when I need one?

Step 9) Yes yes yes! My hair’s now long enough to put back in a single braid. I am awesome, this is fantastic!

Step 10) I am in my 20s! I am definitely past puberty! Please stop carding me for R-rated movies and refusing to serve me alcohol because you’re convinced my ID is fake because I look so young.

Step 11) Braids are awesome. Braids are awesome. This is all worth it for the braids.

Step 12) Why does it take so much time to make my hair look halfway decent?

Step 13) You know what was awesome? Short hair. I didn’t have to braid it every night before going to bed so it didn’t get tangled, I used like a quarter of the shampoo, I barely even had to brush it!

Step 14) This is totally the longest my hair has ever been! Eh, I set a record. Screw it, I’m chopping it all off.

Step 15) Rinse and repeat.